The Agatha Raisin series

The Agatha Raisin Companion

M.C. Beaton

To commemorate twenty years of Agatha Raisin - a celebration of the woman, her escapades and all the other characters in Carsely!
This book is a celebration of all things Agatha Raisin. It includes an introduction by M C Beaton, Agatha's biography, her background and retirement to the Cotswolds, her complex love life and the details of village life in Carsely.

There are brief biogs of all the men in her life (there are many), a piece on her cats Hodge and Boswell, and a section on Agatha's Cotswolds, both real and fictitious. Plot summaries of all twenty titles in the series, a quiz to test your Agatha knowledge and a selection of her favourite dishes in Raisin's Recipes rounds off the complete Agatha Companion.

It also features line drawings by Alice Tait - the artist of the all new covers in the Agatha Raisin series - throughout.

Readers' comments

Thu 5th Jan 2012
If American readers still can't get the Agatha Raisin Companion in the States, they can order one on line through abe I do this all the time from Canada.
Happy reading! Christina.
christine beardshall
Sun 21st Aug 2011
Thanks for the great agatha raisin books, best read Ive had in ages, my daughter loves them too. I'm still trying to get her to try a Hamish Macbeth book as I'm certain she'll love those too
Wed 6th Jul 2011
Agatha is so easy to empathise with because she is not perfect and neither are the men in her life. I love her tart remarks. She says the things I want to say but I do not always have the courage.
Hazel Crisp
Tue 24th May 2011
PLEASE more Agatha Raisin books - I have every one, and won't part with them...
Instead I buy copies for my friends ' birthdays - and they love them also.
Best wishes - H
Jennifer Wakely
Fri 20th May 2011
I love Agatha she does all the things I would love to do. We are the same age. I would love to live in a little English cottage.
Theresa Williamson
Fri 11th Feb 2011
I love reading your Agatha Raisin books. She gets herself into incredible messes. I also enjoy the Hamish MacBeth stories, too.
Fri 4th Feb 2011
I live in the United States, and we don't get to read the companion book since it's not avail here. But I am waiting for the next installment of my middle age detective Agatha. I want to know if her and Charles finally hook up. Please write more, usally there is a new book that I can order by now. We all love Agatha here in Michigan, Usa.
Deborah thomas
Thu 6th Jan 2011
I miss Agatha!!! Please give us more escapades and crazy Agatha antics!
Nadine Gardner
Sun 1st Aug 2010
Thank you for many hours of reading pleasure. Please do not stop writing Agatha Raisin books.
Linda Baker
Tue 8th Jun 2010
Please write more Agatha Raisin Books.
C & R Crime
197 x 140 mm, 160 pp
Published 14th Oct 2010
ISBN: 9781849013192
Markets: World
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