The Agatha Raisin series

Agatha Raisin: There Goes The Bride

M.C. Beaton

The eagerly awaited 20th Agatha Raisin title with a brand new cover style.
Agatha's former husband James is engaged to be married to a beautiful, young woman and Agatha has been kindly invited to the wedding. To take her mind off this, Agatha decides she has fallen for Sylvan, a Frenchman she met at James' engagement party. To distract her still further she decides upon a holiday and flies to Istanbul, where unfortunately she bumps into James and his fiancée not once but twice - convincing him she is stalking them.

So when the bride is murdered on her wedding day, naturally Agatha is Suspect Number One - but then matters are turned on their head when the dead bride's mother engages Agatha to take on the case of her murdered daughter! And very soon Agatha's own life is in danger while she tries to solve the mystery of the corpse bride while fighting off (halfheartedly) the advances of a very attractive and determined Frenchman!

Readers' comments

Karen Bennett
Tue 27th Dec 2011
I too always loved Agatha Christie and would read and reread her novels and short stories.

However, I stumbled upon the Quiche of Death and that was it!!! I became hooked on anything that MC Beaton writes. I enjoy reading about Hamish but I love Agatha the best! As a middle-aged woman I can certainly associate with so many things in these books!!! I have purchased all of both of the series and look forward to each new work.

Keep them coming - we readers "across the pond" love you :)
Tue 12th Jul 2011
I love the Agatha Raisin books, theyre my favorite books to read, when i read the first one I instantly fell in love with the novels. I plan to read the whole series', there a pleasure to read!
Thu 16th Jun 2011
Well done! I'm addcited to Agatha sinc a trip to the Costwolds. I had nothing to read so bought the first one. I litterally devoured it and found myself buying the whole series. They're a real treat and agatha is such a lively character with imperfections and the romantic soul of a 15 year-old!
I just wonder why no TV Channels thought of turning them into a series!
Ruth Weaver
Fri 10th Jun 2011
I'm from Tampa, Florida and just LOVE Agatha Raisin! I had picked up the Fairies of Fryham at the library, loved it, and then got the list of books from this website and started reading them in order. I am currently reading the second from the last. Love James, Mrs. Bloxby, Sir Charles, and especially Bill Wong. I think Imelda Staunton would make a great Agatha, and hope this becomes a television series. Great stories! Ruth Weaver
Wed 4th May 2011
I love this series and look forward to the new Agatha Raisin every year. I do hope it will go on TV, if it's made with respect and love, as the Poirot series has been, it will be an enduring classic. I don't know about casting Agatha, you want Julie Walters perhaps, or some British version of Anjelica Huston. But for Mrs Bloxby you couldn't go past Phyllis Logan (from Lovejoy and recently the fiancee in A Touch of Frost). She has the perfect looks and demeanour for that long-suffering and well-balanced lady!
Thu 9th Dec 2010
I just love these book and have read them all, now thanks to my Kindle I am reading them all over again. However bad my day was I can always rely on Agatha Raisin to make me feel better, somehow I think there is a part of Agatha in all of us, hope we get a new book soon x
Anne Loader
Tue 23rd Nov 2010
I bought a 10-volume set of these books for my 94-yr-old auntie as a Christmas present but thought I ought to read a couple first to make sure they were suitable for a maiden aunt. I became totally hooked and have decided to keep them myself. They are beautifully written and Agatha is a real character to identify with when one, like me, is a woman of a "certain age". Bravo!
Thu 4th Nov 2010
Love these books, picked first three up and have been hooked ever since. If a TV series is ever made I think Caroline Quentin would be ideal for the role
Ellie Van Valkenburg
Wed 1st Sep 2010
Agatha Raisin: Warrior Woman!!
Sarah Male
Sat 19th Jun 2010
I absolutely love this series!!I first heard of it through the audio series and can only imagine Penelope Keith as Agatha Raisin. She is absolutely brilliant and I think she'd be equally as good in a tv series. I live in rural Australia ( about 45 minutes south of Wagga Wagga) and am addicted to the Agatha Raisin series.
Sat 29th May 2010
I just love these books I bought 3 at a summer fete and now I am hooked, Thank you so much for many enjoyable hours spent with Agatha and co.
Sat 6th Mar 2010
Agatha Raisin is a character I can identify with - she and I share many traits! I love the way she goes about things and ends up in a mess that somehow turns out the solution. Wonderful characters and setting. A happy day when I first discovered her.
Thu 18th Feb 2010
Only just discovered Agatha and am reading the books voraciously - I love the mix of vunerability and ratbag. Truly a wonderful heroine. I hope Agatha ends up with Charles.
Vicky Johns
Mon 15th Feb 2010
These are the best, lighthearted murder books that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I love the way that Agatha stumbles from crisis to crisis, you can't help getting involved and cringeing, admiring and admonishing her all within one book (sometimes even one chapter). May Agatha live forever xxx
Kay Harper
Sat 9th Jan 2010
Discovered Agatha only last year. Have collected and read all 2 times and just started the 3rd time around. Such a nostalgic find!
Sun 27th Dec 2009
I only discovered Agatha back in the summer. Since then I have read all the books. Now of course, I have to wait for them to come out. Long may she reign!
Fri 13th Nov 2009
Best books ever - I had missed the characters. It's good to have a new book out.
Stephen McCarthy
Fri 30th Oct 2009
Another fantastic book ... and now I'm hooked on Hamish Macbeth as well!!
Chris C
Thu 15th Oct 2009
Loved 'There goes the Bride' and have enjoyed all of the series and have introduced several friends and family to Agatha, James, Charles, Roy, Mrs Bloxby and all.
All I can say at the end of the book is -Oh Agatha!!!
and I can't wait for the next book....
Tue 13th Oct 2009
Great book. I had to get used to Penelope, but was sold shortley thereafter. Great novel with many Agatha'isms. Cant wait for the next one!
Sat 10th Oct 2009
Just started reading There Goes the Bride....trying to read slowly as I don't want it to end! Fabulous as ever
Sat 10th Oct 2009
Please make a TV series with Dawn French as Agatha. The humour, the mysteries, the characters I am so stuck on Agatha I love her to bits.
Kathleen Hope Curry
Sun 4th Oct 2009
The cover art on the UK editions is nicer than that on the USA version.
Sat 3rd Oct 2009
Please keep the Agatha Raisin's coming. I have now read all 19 and can't wait for there goes the bride. Bring back the old art work though!! The new cover's not a patch on the old.
Angela Gould
Fri 25th Sep 2009
I've only just discovered the Agatha Raisin books and just can't put them down! What brilliant mystery stories and what a character she is.......I think the only person who could really play the part well is Penelope Keith.
barbaralee sass
Fri 25th Sep 2009
i have loved every one of your agatha raisin mysteries...i would love to be agatha's friend!your publisher said the next one was not coming out until october and suggested i try hamish macbeth...i have read 14 and i love him also!!!thank you so much, serenity, barbaralee from the usa(living in an rv fulltime with my husband and loving it
Mon 21st Sep 2009
I read one of the Agatha Raisin books about three weeks ago. I have now read all of the Agatha Raisin books and I am now reading Hamish MacBeth. I can't wait for There goes the Bride and I want more.
Mon 21st Sep 2009
Just can't wait to get my hands on this one....I have Agatha withdrawal! M.C.-please keep them coming, Agatha and Hamish are my absolute favorite reads. I think Agatha is about as real and up front as it gets. Deny it or not, we ALL have a bit of her in our personalities.
Nicky S
Sun 20th Sep 2009
Love these books kept me going while I was in hospital would love to see them on tv
val eagle
Wed 16th Sep 2009
Agatha and Hamish books are the best ever, but please don't ever put Agatha on TV, no-one could ever do her justice, and the producers would change everyone's names and characters just like the radio series.
Tue 15th Sep 2009
I have been a fan of these books since I picked up the very first one years ago. Happily, I've followed Agatha's exploits and have eagerly looked forward to each one as they came out. Have read the first chapter posted here, and now I can't wait! I think I may be the only one, but I really want Agatha and James to be together. :)
Georgina McDonnell
Sun 13th Sep 2009
Absolutely love the Agatha Raisin books .Would love to see this on tv ,would make great viewing .
Linda B.
Thu 10th Sep 2009
I too, adore this writer and all of her characters. I am hoping that Charles and Agatha get together, and hope Hamish and Eslpeth get together.
Thu 10th Sep 2009
I picked up the first Agatha Raisin book about 2 years ago. I could not stand the woman! But now, having pushed my way thru all of her stories, I can't wait for this new one to come out!
Wed 9th Sep 2009
I discovered the Raisin series about three weeks ago and have since devour four of these books. What a delight! Funny! Witty! A Woman of my age and character! What more could a mystery reader yearn for.
Sun 6th Sep 2009
I am currently working my way through the Agatha Raisin books and I'm not so sure about wanting to see her on TV. On TV, her eyes will miraculously grow and her waistline narrow. Just wouldn't be right somehow :)
Mrs. Jackson
Sat 5th Sep 2009
Addicted to Agatha Raisin mysteries? You betcha!
It's like stepping into a snow globe where proper Cotswaldian escapism is as refreshing as the first breath of Spring! Oh, Agatha - you are delightful!
Aggie Fan
Sun 30th Aug 2009
LOVE these books. I wish they'd be made available online audio through North Carolina Digital. I've gotten them before on cassette - but no luck through our library's online audio. Can you fix that?
Karyl Weighill
Wed 26th Aug 2009
I read Kissing Christmas Goodbye on the QM2 in March this year and was hooked, I then found about 6 titles in a bookshop in Dartmouth and decided I had to have them all before I would start from the beginning, I love Agatha and her exploits. I gave the first one to my mother to read and she has now read all the tites as well, she is a very young 89 year old and we both agree the books would make a great tv series (if only someone had the courage to bring Agatha to life on our screeens) we must all live in hope. In the meantime we look forward to her next title, long may she reign.
Sue Rowe
Sun 23rd Aug 2009
I adore the Agatha Raisin series. I read all of them over and over again. I love her - she is real, like all of us, non PC, she has the same breakfast as i do, she's tough and very funny but also poignantly vulnerable as well. Can't wait for the new book!
Sue Johnson
Fri 21st Aug 2009
I love Agatha so much! She is such a great character. I look forward to every new book, can't wait to read this one!
Jonathan King
Thu 13th Aug 2009
I am so excited! A new Agatha Raisin. I have loved and enjoyed everybook so far and I'm sure this one will be just as good. what a treat. Well done Marion C!
Mon 3rd Aug 2009
i love all the agatha raisin books and even though her relationship w/james makes great reading, i'm waiting for about frustrating and fun!!!!!!
Sue Ostrom
Wed 22nd Jul 2009
I have been a Marion Chesney fan for many years. Then I discovered M.C. Beaton and thought "this sounds like Marion Chesney". I was delightfully right. Agatha Raisin is one of my favorite detectives. Are they ever going to be on TV? They would make a wonderful series. I feel as if the characters are friends and I look forward to meeting them again in each book.
Do you think James will ever get it right? My money is on Charles.
Tue 21st Jul 2009
Can't wait to open a new Agatha Raisin book! It is always like meeting up with old friends. I already know she will be described somewhere in the first pages as a stout middle aged woman with bear like eyes, and remarkably good legs. I think I love these books so much because they are so very real. The outrageous, the disapointments in love, the way Agatha weedles and pushes and reverts back to the same old Agatha in the garden with her cats, and her coffee and cigarettes. It's just All of us. Don't stay away Agatha, please share more of your world with us.
Jill Thompson
Sat 18th Jul 2009
I adore and love the Agatha Raisin books. Thank you M.C. Beaton for this wonderful escape from real life. She is by far my favorite book character! Thank you too for making me laugh, smile, and chuckle.
Yvonne Cain
Sat 11th Jul 2009
I just love Agatha Raisin and find myself laughing at her irritable temper. It would be great to see a series on television
jane jones
Mon 6th Jul 2009
i thoroughly enjoy all the agatha raisin adventures and look forward each time to the next one coming out- agatha is quite the character! i would love to see her exploits on the telly and think julie walters would make an excellent "agatha"! what do you think?
Jeanette Sewell
Mon 6th Jul 2009
I have read and tremendously enjoyed all the Agatha Raisin and Hamish MacBeth books. Would love Agatha as a friend and have fallen in love with Hamish. The books are full of kindness and humour. Thank you M. C. Beaton.
Stephen Henshaw
Thu 2nd Jul 2009
I love Agatha Raisin! she is the best fictional detective ever, I have every book, I can't wait for the next one!
Yvonne Hine
Thu 2nd Jul 2009
Love Agatha Raisin books love the fact that real places are mentioned even Budgens in Moreton gets mentioned great books would love to see TV series could this be the next Midsomer Murders thank you
Pat Pope
Tue 23rd Jun 2009
I own all the Agatha Raisin books. I know Hamish McBeth was on BBC, but when is Agatha getting her own show? Love that Agatha.
cynthia kester
Thu 18th Jun 2009
i too thoroughly enjoy the Agatha Raisin and Hamish MacBeth series and continually look forward to new releases!
Anne Gaffney
Wed 10th Jun 2009
I absolutely love all Agatha Raisin's books, have read all 20 so far & eagerly looking forward to reading 'There goes the bride', hope the author keeps writing much more and regailig us on Agatha's ramblings and stumblings accompanied of course by Sir Charles, Bill, Roy and Mrs Bloxby! Best wishes.
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