The Agatha Raisin series

Agatha Raisin: Hiss and Hers

M.C. Beaton

The 23rd and very latest Agatha Raisin mystery to delight her many fans.
Agatha has fallen in love - again. This time it's the local gardener, George Marston, she has her eye on. But competition for his attention abounds. With her shameless determination Agatha will do anything to get her man - including footing the bill for a charity ball in town just for the chance to dance with him. But when George is a no-show Agatha goes looking for him - and finds he has been murdered, having been bitten by a poisonous snake and buried in a compost heap.

Agatha and the rest of her crew plunge into an investigation and discover that George had quite a complicated love life. And if Agatha now can't have George, at least she can have the satisfaction of confronting those women who have and finding a murderer in the process.
C & R Crime
216x135, 224 pp
Published 4th Oct 2012
ISBN: 9781849019729
Markets: UK C/Wealth ex Can
RRP £14.99
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