The Agatha Raisin series

Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham

M.C. Beaton

The eighth in the Agatha Raisin murder mysteries complete with brand new cover design.
The local ladies all deem Mr John a wizard, so when Agatha finds a few grey hairs on her head - and the rinse she tries at home turns her hair purple - she makes a beeline for the handsome Evesham hairdresser. And as well as sorting out her hair it soon becomes clear the charming man also has designs on her heart - but their future together is cut short when Mr John is fatally poisoned in his salon.

Once again Agatha finds herself embroiled in a murder case. Was it one of Mr John's many customers, all of whom divulged to him their darkest secrets?

Praise for the Agatha Raisin series:

'M. C. Beaton's imperfect heroine is an absolute gem.' Publishers Weekly

'The detective novels of M. C. Beaton, a master of outrageous black comedy, have reached cult status.' The Times

'Being a cranky, middle-aged female myself, I found Agatha charming!' Amazon customer review

'Agatha Raisin is sharp, witty, hugely intelligent, unfailingly entertaining, delightfully intolerant and oh so magnificently non PC. M C Beaton has created a new national treasure... the stories zing along and are irresistible, unputdownable, a joy. If you buy one book a year, let it be this. Agatha Raisin is The Strongest Link.' Anne Robinson

Readers' comments

hanna stewart
Mon 6th Jun 2011
this was the first book i read about agatha and i found it such an easy read that i finished the book in 2 evenings. although not very strenuous on the brain, it left me wanting to read more about this bumbling middle age frump more. the book is a mix of mrs marble and columbo, both of whom are some of my vavourite caracters. looking forward to the next one, as i went and bought 5 more on the strengh of this book. thank you mr b for giving me something to lighten my evenings with.
C & R Crime
A format, 288 pp
Published 29th Apr 2010
ISBN: 9781849011419
Markets: UK C/Wealth ex Can
RRP £6.99
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