The Agatha Raisin series

Agatha Raisin and Love, Lies and Liquor

M.C. Beaton

A brand new cover design for Agatha's 17th adventure. It seems Agatha doesn't like to be beside the seaside...
Sea, sand - and the slammer for Agatha!

Agatha Raisin thinks she's in for a treat when her ex-husband James Lacey invites her on holiday but - horrors! - his idea of an idyllic break is the small, run-down resort of Burryhill-on-Sea. And from there on things go from bad to worse, so when a fellow guest in their hotel is found murdered, Agatha herself is chief suspect - and has to solve this case from a locked police cell!

Praise for the Agatha Raisin series:

'Sharp, witty, hugely intelligent, unfailingly entertaining . . . M. C. Beaton has created a national treasure.' Anne Robinson

''M. C. Beaton's imperfect heroine is an absolute gem.' Publishers Weekly

'An enchanting series . . . M. C. Beaton has a foolproof plot for the village mystery.' New York Times Book Review

Readers' comments

Sun 13th Jun 2010
Super read was unable to put it down, just started reading M.C.Beaton books and have devoured 5 Agatha Raisin books in two weeks. This book was on hard back and my local library van brought it to me. A must buy.
I have also devoured 7 Hamish Macbeth in the same time. This lady is a genius.
C & R Crime
A format, 320 pp
Published 29th Jul 2010
ISBN: 9781849011501
Markets: UK C/Wealth ex Can
RRP £6.99
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