The Agatha Raisin series

Agatha Raisin and a Spoonful of Poison

M.C. Beaton

Agatha gets herself into a very sticky situation in her 19th adventure, complete with brand new cover design.
Agatha Raisin's detective agency has become so successful that she decides to take time off for rest and relaxation. But as soon as she does, she remembers that when she does have time on her hands, she doesn't know what to do with it. So it doesn't take much for the vicar of a nearby village to persuade her to help publicize the church fete - especially when the event organizer, George Selby, turns out to be a handsome widower.

Agatha brings out the crowds for the fete all right, but there's more going on than innocent village fun. Several of the offerings in the jam-tasting booth turn out to be poisoned and the festive entertainment becomes the scene of two murders.

Along with her young assistant, Toni, Agatha must lift the lid on the jam tampering, see to the safety of the church funds, and root out the nasty secrets lurking in the village. Quite a tall order while she is attempting to flirt with gorgeous George, who probably has a few secrets of his own!

Praise for the Agatha Raisin series:

'M.C. Beaton's imperfect heroine is an absolute gem.' Publishers Weekly

'Clever red herrings and some wicked unfinished business guarantees that the listener will pant for a sequel.' The Times audio review

Readers' comments

Nadine Gardner
Thu 23rd Jun 2011
Agatha Raisin books are so delightful that I look forward to each new one that M C Beaton publishes.
Please Ms Beaton, never stop writing these novels. They are totally absorbing. MORE PLEASE!
C & R Crime
A format, 320 pp
Published 24th Jun 2010
ISBN: 9781849012072
Markets: UK & C/Wealth exc Canada
RRP £6.99
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