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Here are the answers to some of your most common questions about Agatha Raisin, Hamish Macbeth and the author M.C. Beaton. If your question isn't answered here drop us a line.


Agatha Raisin

Whatever happened to Scrabble the cat?

We get more enquiries about the mysterious disappearance of Agatha's rescued cat in The Witch of Wyckhadden than we do about Agatha and Hamish put together! Here's the answer. When she returns to Carsely Agatha feels that keeping Scrabble is unfair to her other two cats so Doris Simpson takes Scrabble in after it takes a liking to the kindly cleaner.


Is there an Agatha Raisin television series?

The possibility of an Agatha television series or movie is always a common topic for discussion and, although we cannot confirm anything concrete at present, there has been positive interest from television companies in the past. Of course, if there were to be an Agatha TV series who would play Agatha? We've had lots of suggestions but one of the perrennial favourites seems to be Julie Walters, complete with 'small bearlike eyes' and the merest hint of a 'Brummie' accent.


Agatha Raisin: Badly Preserved - where can I get a copy?

Agatha Raisin and a Spoonful of Poison was originally titled Badly Preserved. The name was changed only after Kissing Christmas Goodbye was printed, incorrectly showing Badly Preserved as the next book in the series. They are the same book.


Agatha Raisin and the Fright Wedding - where can I get a copy?

Agatha Raisin and the Fright Wedding was the working title given to Agatha Raisin: There Goes the Bride - they are the same book.

Hamish Macbeth

Will Hamish ever meet Agatha?

It's a nice idea, with many possibilities, but it's not looking hopeful. M.C. Beaton is firmly committed to keeping the two series separate so this encounter is one that will have to remain in our imaginations. Or perhaps you might like to put this encounter in writing and send it to us?


There are some interesting Scottish words and phrases in the Hamish Macbeth books - what does "Come ben" mean?

It simply means 'come in'. Dating from the time when cottages had a 'but' and 'ben', the 'but' was where the animals were kept and the 'ben' was the living quarters.


Where does A Highland Christmas fit into the Hamish Macbeth series?

A Highland Christmas is a standalone story written by M.C.Beaton as a thank-you for the support of her fans over the years. It doesn't occupy a particular slot in the series and can be read without spoiling the continuity of the series. Book details here>


Who is the artist behind the Hamish Macbeth cover paintings?

The iconic and evocative watercolours that feature on the covers of the entire Hamish Macbeth series are painted by artist Francis Farmar. You can see his Hamish Macbeth UK covers in our gallery here and view more of his work at


M.C. Beaton


Does M.C. Beaton have any events or book signings planned for the USA?

Not at present. While she does visit the US from time to time it's a busy time for M.C. Beaton right now, with commitments in the UK. We're aware that many of Agatha and Hamish's strongest supporters are 'across the pond'  - for that we're truly grateful - so if we do get any further news you can be sure we'll post it up right away.  


Where can I find a list of all the Agatha and Hamish stories in order?

The Agatha and Hamish books are listed in order on this site - each book title has a number which signifies its position in the series.The Agatha Raisin list is here and the Hamish Macbeth list is here.


Are there more Agatha and Hamish mysteries to come from M.C. Beaton?

Absolutely! There are many more cases in store for our friends from Carsely and Lochdubh. Both complete series are displayed on this site, from the first book right up to the most recent. Forthcoming books generally appear a few months in advance of publication (UK customers can pre-order).


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Agatha Raisin


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